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What Is Repiping?
Repiping is the industry standard word for the process of replacing older, worn-out, rusty pipes with new ones. Because many older homes were built using galvanized pipes that corrode after many years leading to small slab leaks.

In many cases, even though the outside of the pipe looks okay, the inside may be clogged with rust and other debris that hurt your properties ability to move water from faucets to drains. As the corrosion builds over time it causes the pipes to become thinner, leading to the possibility of a pipe bursting. If this happens your property may become flooded and cause more damage then if the fixtures had been repiped sooner.

Nothing is forever – even your pipes at home need to be replaced. Old and damaged water pipes may cause unwanted leaks and floods. Don’t wait for that to happen by having your pipelines completely replaced. Not only will you restore the pristine function of your waterlines, but also save time and money on future plumbing repairs.

The first sign that your building or property is in need of a repipe is visual leaks and bursting pipes.

As time goes on pipes will continue to lose their strength making the situation worse for property management or the homeowner. To avoid long term hassle – consider a repiping sooner than later.

Aging Pipes
Buildings and homes are always aging and as they do so does the pipes of these structures. In most cases, pipes that are older than 50 years should be replaced.

Low Water Pressure
Lastly, another sign that you may need a repipe is a lack of water pressure. Old pipes begin to corrode and when they do you will notice a reduction in the pressure that is available to your sinks or water outlets.

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